WOW…. The Winter That Wasn’t…..!!!!

by susan on June 5, 2015

One of my favourites, the Hellebore,

Close-up of the Azalea “Schlippenbachia”
Rhododendron “Kimberley”- a lovely hot pink flower
The Royal Azalea “Schlippenbachia”

Well, finally, I am getting back to writing for my clients and friends who have been asking me, “When are you going to do a new post?”

I have now got some new ideas to share about some of the best plant combinations for your spring gardens…. Here are a few that I have done in my own gardens.

Across my back terraces, I have planted similar coloured Rhodos. They will bloom at about the same time, which is what you must consider for your designs. Above, you can see the Royal Azalea “Schlippenbachia” It is really one of the most beautiful because it first of all starts out with the lovely hot pink buds, and then, afterwards, the lime-green leaves will appear.

And, then one of the best plants to put near this plant is the one which is just below, and it is a Larix which is one of the few conifers that looses its leaves in the winter and gets lovely new spring-green ones right when the leaves are coming out on the Royal Azalea.

And then, another of the hot pink colours that I have added is the Rhododendron “Kimberley”.

In the close-up of the Azalea “Schlippenbachia” you can clearly see the new lime-green leaves. Beautiful!!!

And,  I would always have one of these Hellebores, see the first photo, above. It has that lovely Elizabethan “ruff” and its colour blends so very well with the new flowers of the Rhododendrons.








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