by susan on April 25, 2011

This very large pot in the Woodland Garden adds to the atmosphere of serenity and quiet. The scale of it is good because many of the surrounding items are smaller. The colour also harmonizes well with other pots nearby.

As we consider the plantings that support in the  adjacent area, we find that texture plays a very important role. The dark green leaves of the Mahonia (on the right) with its toothed edges, provides a good contrast to the round and large wide leaves of the Hosta (on the left). The Mahonia produces very fragrant flowers that bloom in the winter and are an amazing sulpher yellow colour! Just beautiful when most other plants  in the garden are not blooming.

Ferns on the garden floor echo the Mahonia structure above.

As an added bonus for texture, I have planted some annual Dracaena in a large pot nearby. They add that touch of  ‘spikey’  needed for interest.

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