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by susan on July 1, 2012

Many of my clients have been asking for gardening tips for large planters, and so, here is a closer look at how I like to do large planters on my patio or in the Woodland Garden.

First of all, try to get the largest pot or planter that you can, as the plants will always do so much better in more space, especially if you are wanting to put in something that might want to live there, all year ’round. Many of my planters have at least one permanent ‘resident’.

Now, for me, the most important consideration is always colour. ‘Eye goes to colour’, and so I want to have my pots and planters, even the surrounding plants that are already in the gardens nearby, to harmonize with what I will be putting in my planters. However, you may wonder at all this talk about colour, because this first planter’s main colour is white. But of course, in a shady garden, which this is, white is like a light in the darkness, and it definitely gets the focus!

Below, you see the planter that I will now be referring to. It is on the Woodland Path and is quite large. It is one of the main focal points in this shady garden.


One of my large planters on the path in the Woodland Garden. Note the differences in leaf size and texture.


Now for the details….the white plants here, are Begonias and Diffenbachia. I love their different shapes. The glossy round-leaved plant is a Ligusticum which is a perennial, and it has been growing in this pot for about 5 years. See the close-ups of these plants, below.




Also in this planter are a Dracaena ( common name is Spike ), and a very large, lush fern.The photo, below shows the planter from the front view. It provides a very calm and serene feeling in this cool, quiet garden.


Perennials mixing with annuals. Cool white always draws the eye, especially in a shady area.








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