It’s Almost Hellebore Time…

by susan on February 8, 2012

Well, for those of us who live here, on the West Coast, the weather has taken an unexpectedly mild turn. This is good news, as long as it stays mild and we do not get a sudden hit of cold, nasty frost! However, I think that I am going to take the positive approach and expect good weather. Yesterday I did a clean-up in the front gardens by raking out the last of the fallen leaves and I discovered that so many of my Hellebores are really budding up. Below are some of those shots. These two Hellebores are in what I call the ‘Blue Garden’. This garden has been almost completely renovated this past year. As well as moving most of the plants around to better accomodate the large Fir, I added a number of large stepping stones throughout the garden. This is necessary in a garden of this size as it is otherwise almost impossible to groom and care for all the plants that are there. It is also a very good way to see all of the plants up close, especially when they are blooming!

Below, you will see the ‘Blue Garden’ which has a lot of Junipers and Blue Spruce, as well as other very  ‘blue’ plants such as the Euphorbia myrsinites ‘Donkey’s Tail’ which is trailing over the garden edge.

The beautiful blue of these draping Junipers sets off this garden.


Note the architecture of this very blue Euphorbia myrsinites 'Donkey's Tail'.


Basalt stepping stones provide access for pruning and weeding.


Here are other views of the ‘Blue Garden’ as it is to-day.

Notice the stone ‘steps’ that permit grooming of the plants.

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