by susan on March 18, 2012

Well, I would have to say that one of the best things about this West Coast living is that we actually have flowers (!!) in the winter! Yep, it’s great! Below, are some close-ups of the flowers that are in my gardens, blooming now. I plant my Hellebores whenever it is possible, so that they are just a little higher than normal. For example, across my backyard there are terraces, and so, I have the Hellebores planted so that, as you come up the steps, you get to look into their fabulous faces….really, it is such a boost at this time of year.


One of my newest Hellebores. Just one year old in my garden.


In February, this little pink bunch of buds started to appear and now they are in full bloom. This Hellebore is ‘Rosemary’ and it is one of the longest blooming cultivars and it continues to look lovely ’til May, and then, its flowers turn to a very quiet green. Last year I put it into my front planters in November, and then, as the year progressed, I added these little saxifrages to the pot, below.

Here is Helleborus x ‘Rosemary’….



Here are the new buds of Hellebore ‘Rosemary’. These began to appear in early February and now are blooming away and brightening up the whole area!



Hellebore ‘Rosemary’ in full bloom in my garden, in March of this year.


Just below, you will see the fresh little Saxifrages that I added a little later on. They really make the whole planter come alive.



Two more close-ups of Hellebores from my gardens…

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