by susan on December 22, 2011

Yes, why not have fragrance near your front entry! It is one of my favourite gardening tips and I do have fragrance at my own front door, even in December….The plant that I am referring to is Mahonia X media ‘Charity’. Mine, as seen below, is just about to open, as we have had a very mild autumn, up to this point, (December 22 2011). It really does have a most beautiful fragrance and certainly is a treat at this time of year as its flowers are such a bright yellow-green. Another great feature of this plant is that it is evergreen and will provide needed structure in a shady location.  Most people would not usually think about gardening tips for December, but we are a bit spoiled, here on the West Coast of Canada, as our winters are not all that harsh.

Next post’s gardening tips will be about other plants that provide interest in the winter and some even have fragrance, as well.


The fragrant Mahonia X media ‘Charity’



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