by susan on May 9, 2011

This is one of my first plants to show some pretty colour this cold, wet spring!! (Well, other than the amazing Hellebores, I should say…) We have been experiencing a most unusual weather pattern which means that our plants are at least 3 weeks behind, as far as blooming goes.This is a Sorbaria and it is a good container plant as it does like to ‘run’ and so I do not let it loose in my gardens.In the second photo, I have put next to it a pinkish-red Heuchera and I think that both colours complement one another. The round leaves of the Heuchera contrast nicely with the very fineand spikey texture of the Sorbaria.  This would be one of my GARDENING TIPS for this week. I think that paying attention to the scale of the plantings is key to achieving a balanced look.


The contrast of the two completely different shapes of these leaves shows how interest can be developed by paying attention to the small details. Also, the warm colours of the reddish tones link the two quite nicely.

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