by susan on May 2, 2011

Even in winter we can have colour in the gardens if we plan to have a few of these favourites, below. These are my favourite Bergenias wearing their ‘winter garb’ and looking rather nice, I think. Some years, if the weather has been quite cold, I have seen them with almost completely red leaves, and then they really do stand out!



Bergenias in their 'winter garb' - very colourful in January and February!


In the background, you can see another colour that works well in winter gardens and that is the blue/green of a Juniper.



Close up of my favourite Bergenia.

At the edge of the front garden I have planted this sedge. It is evergreen and provides a nice contrast with the rest of the greenery and I also like the way it draps over the stone edging.


Yellow sedge at the edge of the front garden. It provides a nice contrast in colour as well as in texture, year 'round.


Close-up of my 'hairy' sedge.



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