by susan on May 24, 2011

Although the gardens this year are almost 4 weeks behind their normal blooming time, because of the cold spring, my Rhododendrons are now blooming very nicely. This large Rhodo, Van Ness Sensation, is the main focal point across the back terraces. In this first photo, above,  it is still in bud, and it is very lovely. But a few days later, below, most of the buds have opened and then its real beauty is seen. In the wooden planter nearby, we see the first lime-green shoots of the shade loving Hachonechloa. In a couple of weeks it will be spilling out of the box and it will provide a beautiful focus throughout the whole season.


One of my favourites....Rhododendron 'Van Ness Sensation'


Close-up of Rhodo 'Van Ness Sensation' just as it starts to bloom.



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