Flowers through the Garden Gate
Welcome to my Garden!

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Hello and welcome to all of you who are interested in beautifying our outdoor spaces!

My name is Susan Wheeler and I am an enthusiastic garden designer and am always most interested in helping others design or re-design their garden spaces.

I think that I must have inherited this interest in design and colour from my dear Dad. In our small town back in Ontario, he had his own painting and decorating business at a time when the painter was also the decorator. He was very successful for he had a great eye for the details and would expertly mix the many subtle colours himself. When I was quite young, some of my fondest memories are of the two of us sitting in our living room, looking through his beautiful wallpaper books and he would be saying, “Now Susan, this would make a beautiful hall paper”, or some such comment.

This early introduction, by my Dad, to lovely colour and graphics must have encouraged my own love of design which I began to use in my  gardens and outdoor spaces.

Then, after many years of working as a ‘hands on’ gardener in my own gardens, as well as in those of neighbours and friends, I decided to start my own garden design business, here, in the Vancouver and White Rock area of British Columbia. I had just won a national gardening award from Gardening Life Magazine. My gardens won in all of the four categories, and so, I enjoyed the 1st prize of $2000. worth of gardening tools from Lee Valley – a gardener’s dream, as anyone who has shopped there knows very well! It was a great experience, for sure!

I now find myself quite busy helping my clients choose just the right plantings for their gardens. I also have given garden and design lectures at West Coast Nurseries and at some other artistic events where I have shown slides of my own gardens which helped me illustrate the topic of my lectures.

It has been one of the most fun things, and if you live in this area, please come and join the fun!