by susan on January 29, 2013

A surprising treat as I saw these beautiful blue berries on this Viburnum tinus

This past weekend, I stepped outside to see if I needed to water any of my plants that were underneath the large overhang that protects our back porch. I was trying to follow my own gardening tips ( see the post below…. ) and, sure enough, some of the plants in the large pots did need a drink. But what surprised me the most was my lovely Viburnum tinus. It was looking absolutely beautiful as it had these shiny navy berries all over it! It was raining ( what a surprise for us here, on the Coast? ) and the entire shrub looked so fresh and clean.


Even in the pouring rain this Viburnum tinus looked so cheery with its beautiful berries and new buds.

Now, I must admit that we have certainly had enough rain throughout this winter. It has also been a very mild winter, as well. And so I saw that there were quite a number of new blossoms about to burst out. Really, it felt like such a gift, as I had not been expecting anything so nice at the end of January.


Viburnum in the rain showing its lovely navy - blue berries.


A close-up of the blue berries and the newest buds almost ready to open.


The newest buds about to burst open as soon as it warms up a bit.


This is one of the plants that I would definitely recommend for beginners, as it stays evergreen, requires only a little pruning ( perhaps twice a year ), and some protection from very hot sun. It would definitely be a plant to incorporate into your spring landscaping ideas. Of course, the whole family of Viburnums are some of the loveliest shrubs for your home gardens.

One other thing that I am very keen to watch is the development of my many Hellebores. Several of them are just now beginning to pop up. Next post will be about Hellebores.




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