GARDEN DESIGN – 101 (con’d )

by susan on May 15, 2012

Well, now here are my thoughts continuing the “Garden Design-101” article which I wrote for White Rocks Best, the Online Lifestyle Magazine , where you can find many other articles that I have written dealing with garden design.

I had begun by saying that attention to detail can make all the difference between an ordinary garden and an amazing one. One of the most important details that I always first take into consideration is colour. ‘Eye goes to colour’ and without carefully thinking about your colour choices, your gardens will always have a feeling of ‘what do I look at first?’ If there are all colours going on everywhere, all at once, the scene is not going to feel serene nor ‘connected’.

Let’s consider the three main “greens” that play such an important part in Garden Design: the true greens, the yellow greens and the blue greens.

In the photo, below, which is of one of my paths in my Bellingham gardens, we can see that true greens predominate. But what makes it an interesting scene is that there are so many different textures of this same green. There are also so many different shapes, as well. The pointy, sharp tips of the fern,the contrast with the tiny round bits below it and then, the strong shapes of the Rhododendron, near the top of the bank. All of these details, in just shades of green, produce a serene atmosphere, but at the same time it is very inviting, never boring at all.


Pathway with mainly greens. The interest comes from the many different textures, leaf shapes and sizes.

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